Our values at Servizi Italia:
people are at the core of everything we do

People. There is a common denominator which connects everything that moves within Servizi Italia and that’s the people.

Our employees, our customers, our community.

Talking about values means to clearly state in black and white the practical guiding principles, which are by no means theoretical and which influence and change the way we behave in every aspect of our lives, including the work we do every day.

It means to talk about people and to put them at the centre of our actions.

Identifying a set of values and the reasons for adopting them is essential so that they become the driving force, an ideal which inspires us and a framework that clearly defines the mutual commitment between Servizi Italia and its team.

The commitment to move towards these values, always with the aim of moving forwards together. Because we can make a difference only if we feel that we belong to a group, only if at the basis of our actions there is a strong sense of belonging, consolidated and shared.

Looking to the future with courage and responsibility

Working in integrated healthcare services brings with it a great deal of responsibility. We have a fundamental role in protecting the health, safety and well-being of those who spend their days in healthcare facilities, whether they are patients or staff.

What we do in our daily activities is to clean and disinfect the linen intended for hospitals, clean and disinfect the surgical instruments and medical equipment that will be used in the operating theatre, making sure that we comply with the standards provided for by the law.

The values that underpin our services and activities, however, go beyond compliance with the regulations in the sector.

We are in fact responsible for looking to the future with courage, the courage to grow and innovate in order to continue to create value.

We have a responsibility to become the promoters and pioneers of sustainability, both environmental and social sustainability.

We have a responsibility to be forward-thinking players in the standardisation process as well as to drive the market in a direction that ensures that we can also be relied upon at key moments in history such as during a pandemic, a war or an in an economic crisis.

We have a responsibility to keep alive our passion, our dedication to work and the determination that brought us to where we are today. This means welcoming the problems rather than the solutions so as not to fear the challenges that we are bound to face during our journey.

We have a responsibility to be brave in order to redesign the future in our sector, to do things that others don’t without losing sight of the way in which we consistently defend our principles and values.

Inclusion as the pillar of trust and collaboration

An inclusive environment is one which does not contemplate prejudice. Each individual person has a story and his or her personal journey must be seen as a resource, not a reason for exclusion or marginalisation.

The strength of a working group is based on a mutual sense of trust and a spirit of spontaneous collaboration, on the freedom to communicate with transparency and to express one’s own opinion, on the certainty that you are being listened to and to be able to welcome discussion (and criticism) in a constructive way so that it turns into an opportunity for mutual growth.

Our company has established itself and become a reference point for its customers and stakeholders including during key moments in history. We wish to be this also for the staff who work at Servizi Italia.

We aim to create an equal environment in which there is respect and tolerance towards others because when you start from respect and tolerance we are certain that you can work ethically and correctly.

Servizi Italia's Charter of Values

We are working to create our Charter of Values. The idea behind this Charter of Values was born out of a discussion in which our employees were directly involved.

This document will not be kept in the drawer.
As soon as it is completed we will share it with all our stakeholders because it will guide us day after day in our work.

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