SA8000 Certification: Management for Social Responsibility

The staff at Servizi Italia are of made up of different ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, geographical origins, professional experiences and skills; a diversity which we wish to maintain as we believe it brings value and opportunities to our company.

When people from different backgrounds work together, there is a positive mix in which ideas intersect and blend together creating a fertile ground for innovation.

To promote diversity, guarantee equal opportunities and eliminate any form of discrimination, we have chosen to adopt the SA8000 certification and a Code of Ethics, which is shared by all the companies of the Group.

Servizi Italia has set up a communication system for handling reports concerning SA8000 principles and requirements. The same communication channel can also be used to communicate any ideas for improvement related to the Social Accountability Management System.

Reports may also be made anonymously and the utmost confidentiality and impartiality will be guaranteed.

Reports that are not pertinent to the requirements of the SA8000 standard or that are offensive and/or hurtful to people’s dignity will not be taken into consideration.

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