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The people of Servizi Italia

We want our company to be a place where people can grow and build their future through individual training plans, welfare initiatives and the ability to achieve the right work-life balance.

The health, safety, and mental and physical well-being of the people who work in Servizi Italia is a valuable asset that we wish to protect

  • Creating a healthy, peaceful and safe working environment,
  • Encouraging team spirit,
  • Fostering the development of an integrated, compact group that is proud of its corporate identity,
  • By valuing the diversity that characterizes each person.

A commitment that we have also declared through the adoption of SA 8000 ethical certification (diversity, equal opportunity and non-discrimination), Family Audit certification (work-life balance) and by undertaking training dedicated to non-hostile communication.

Do you want to be part of the Servizi Italia team? Find out which are the principles guiding us in our daily work.

Customers of Servizi Italia

We guarantee clients on-time delivery of our services and continuous improvement in terms
of quality and sustainability.

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Our role is not that of a mere provider of medical device or textile laundering and sterilization services: protecting the health and safety of people-patients, health care workers and medical personnel-is, in fact, the goal we share with the health care facilities with which we collaborate.

This is why we work alongside our clients with a problem solver and scientific-technical partner approach to find shared solutions in the interest of all the people who experience these environments on a daily basis.

Meeting the requirements of the technical specifications of the public and private health care companies we partner with is of paramount importance to us; for this reason

  • we offer a portfolio of offerings that meets both the implicit and explicit needs of our clients;
  • we constantly monitor services using RFID technology;
  • we relate with customers on an ongoing basis to get immediate feedback on service quality and to improve when necessary;
  • we take every measure to ensure the continuity of essential services;
  • we invest in research and development of innovative technologies;
  • we strictly comply with industry regulations.

The communities in which Servizi Italia operates.

We involve the local communities to support the socio-economic development of the area, while also investing in research and science popularization.

The value created by a company has daily repercussions on the environment and the community in which it operates. Servizi Italia is historically rooted in the territory and relates constantly with the people and institutions that are part of it.

Workers, in fact, are the primary conduit through which the company operates within the community, and local governments, in turn, are the bearers of instances and needs that Servizi Italia seeks to accommodate and make its own.

Learn how Servizi Italia cares for the community and the environment.

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