Care homes and old people’s homes

Residential Care Homes and Nursing Homes are places that care for the elderly: as years go by their immune system becomes weaker and weaker and loses its ability to protect the organism against infections, thereby making them more vulnerable.

The facilities who care for the elderly have two main requirements which go hand in hand with the need to ensure maximum hygiene:

  • using mattresses that prevent pressure injuries (bed sores) typically caused by a prolonged hospital stay;
  • washing, ironing and managing each patient’s underwear so that he or she feels looked after as a person first and as a patient second.

Thanks to the wash-hire service provided by Servizi Italia, care homes and old people’s homes are able to ensure maximum comfort both to their guests and to the healthcare staff by optimising the times and costs relating to change and maintenance of flat linen, packed linen and mattresses.

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