SI, Servizi Italia.

A simple answer
to complex questions

We care about the health and safety of people.
Every day we take care of people through our integrated healthcare services.


Why SI


These are the values that guide us in every strategic decision we take and inform the direction we take in order to grow and to responsibly support those who choose us as their partners.

Sì alle persone


SI for people. Because we recognise the importance of diversity as it provides a cross fertilisation of ideas a

SI all’innovazione. Perché abbiamo la certezza che la curiosità sia una leva fondamentale per il cambiamento, non solo in ambito tecnologico.


SI for sustainability. Because we want to contribute to creating a better world for those who live in it today and those who will live in it tomorrow by choosing an ethical and sustainable business model.

Foto anteprima - Sì alla sostenibilità


SI for innovation. Because we are certain that curiosity is the driving force behind change, not only at the technological level.

Our support to those
who take care of people.


Hiring sterilised flat linen every day puts patients at the centre, making their hospital stay more tolerable by providing them with beds that are always clean and comfortable.

With regard to medical equipment, the operating theatre is without doubt the most critical area: having sterilised surgical kits, which can be customised and traced, make procedures even safer and more efficient.

Supervising the sterilisation of surgical equipment minimises the risk of contamination and makes surgical operations safer both for the patients and for the healthcare staff.

Foto Presidente Roberto Olivi

Brave choices can only be made when everybody is working towards the same ends. And these are the choices that, even at the most challenging of times, enable us to develop and continue the path of technological and social transformation we have outlined.

President – Roberto Olivi