The history of Servizi Italia


Servizi Italia was established

Servizi Italia began operating in the industrial laundry market in the health care and hospital sectors in 1986, beginning to carry out a fundamental service for the health of the community: dressing health care workers, setting up inpatient beds.


Servizi Italia acquired by Coopservice

Servizi Italia was acquired by Coopservice in 2002, a Reggio Emilia-based group that provides facility services: a real transformation thus began that led the company to become a benchmark in the field of integrated health care services.


Development of the sterilization service

Servizi Italia began to focus on developing a new service in 2006: the rental and sterilization of surgical instruments and medical devices. A choice that was the result of the ability to keenly observe market developments and seize opportunities emerging in the field of healthcare services.


Listing on the Italian Stock Exchange

The year 2007 marked a new important milestone in the history of Servizi Italia: its listing on the Expandi (now AIM) market of the Italian Stock Exchange, further consolidating its position on the market. In 2009 the company joined the Euronext STAR segment, placing it permanently among High Requirements Securities and rising to the attention of the international financial community.


Expansion of services in Italy

From 2008 to 2011, the company further expanded its washing and sterilization services, becoming even more widespread in Italy and taking its first steps into international markets..


Entry into the Brazilian market

Servizi Italia took its expertise beyond national borders and began internationalization: in 2012 it acquired 50% of Lavsim Higienização Têxtil SA, Maxlav Lavanderia Especializada SA and Vida Lavanderias Especializada SA, Brazilian laundries operating in the state of São Paulo.


Entry into the Turkish and Indian market

In 2014 Servizi Italia expanded its presence in foreign markets. Two new companies were established: SAS Sterlizasyon Servisleri in Turkey, a facility providing sterilization services, and Shubhram Hospital Solutions, an industrial laundry in India.


Consolidation of Servizi Italia’s presence abroad

In 2015, it acquired the remaining 50% of Lavsim, 100% of Aqualav (another Brazilian laundry), and 40% of Ankateks, which provides laundry services for healthcare facilities in the Ankara and Izmir (Turkey) area.
Constant investment in technological innovation pays off: In fact, Servizi Italia became an important reference operator for healthcare facilities in the state of São Paulo and was awarded a ten-year contract for sterilization services and rental of surgical instruments and medical devices for all hospitals (state and regional) in Albania.


Consolidation of the Italian market and acquisition of Steritek

While consolidating its presence abroad through the startup of a company in Morocco that deals with sterilization of surgical instruments (2017), in 2016 Servizi Italia acquired 100% of Tintoria Lombarda (a washroom service) and in 2017 a majority stake in Steritek SpA, a company that specializes in clinical engineering.


35 years of activity

Servizi Italia celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2021 and wanted to do so by telling the stories of the people who work in laundries, sterilization plants, checkrooms, offices and warehouses every day. Those 3,600 people whose passion, pride, strength and endurance allow the company to be present in Italy, Brazil, Turkey, India, Albania and Morocco with more than 50 production facilities.