Hotel and restaurant

Managing linen (sheets, blankets, towels, table cloths, protectors, linen for wellness centres) in the hotel and catering sector poses many challenges depending on

  • the number of rooms and covers;
  • the season: the number of people staying in the facilities (and therefore the amount of linen to deal with) varies both during the day and during the seasons of the year;
  • the amount of wear: these linens are changed very frequently and therefore have a shorter life cycle compared with other items;
  • the difference in washing cycles: each fabric, based on its composition, must be washed using specific detergents and at a specific temperature, especially in the presence of stains and marks which are difficult to remove.

Having clean and sanitised linen does not only mean you get a good online review: It is above all symptomatic of the care you take of the people coming to your hotel or catering establishment every day.

Thanks to the wash-hire hotel and catering services provided by Servizi Italia, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and all the establishments that operate in this sector are able to ensure high-quality hospitality services by optimising the times and costs relating to the washing, sanitisation and maintenance of flat linens.

In particular, thanks to the team operating at our Arco facility, Servizi Italia is by some distance the leading provider for hotel and catering facilities in the Trentino Alto-Adige region.

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