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we work alongside the public administration and support the community

We live in a social and economic context where the resources available to public administrations are increasingly affected by cuts and reductions which impact on the quality and the range of the services provided to the general public.

Servizi Italia uses a strategic system to help Public Administrations optimise their resources: Public and private partnerships (PPP), a model of collaboration between the public sector and private entities which helps increase and improve services of a collective nature.

This sort of collaboration enables public administrations to work closely with local businesses for the good of the community. Public and private partnerships, in fact, require that:

  • the public entity identifies and determines which collective interests are to be protected and guaranteed by having recourse to specialised services
  • the private entity provides the financial resources and skills (managerial, business and technological) in all the management phases of the service while recognising the fact that it has the right to make a profit
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Project financing: Servizi Italia’s form of Public and Private Partnership

Project financing is one of the possible forms of PPP provided for by the legislation governing tenders; it is a specific form of contract in which private entities are involved

  • in carrying out and managing public services
  • in providing the initial financing of the costs of these, which may be partial or total, depending on circumstances

The legislation provides for two ways of awarding contracts through project financing:

  • public initiative: the procedure of awarding a contract is carried out at the request of the public administration through a public process based on the feasibility of the project;
  • private initiative: the procedure of awarding a contract is carried out at the request of a private entity who “knocks on the doors” of the public administration, as a promoter, by submitting a proposal aimed at the creation/management of public works.

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