Lavanolo Sanità - Sfondo stanza ospedale

we provide the bed linen and we provide the workwear

Being hospitalised is something which inevitably causes people distress.
No matter how long or short the hospital stay is, patients need to feel that the environment they are in is safe and the hygiene and sanitation conditions are of the utmost importance to ensure their stay is more tolerable and risk free.

During hospitalisation, in fact, patients spend long periods of time in bed in an unfamiliar environment which they are unlikely to perceive as being comfortable or welcoming: resting on sheets that have been cleaned and sanitised every day can help reduce the stress associated with being in hospital.

Patients are not the only people in a hospital: medical staff play an important role while patients are in their care. Doctors and nurses are in daily contact with a vast number of people, therefore the uniforms they wear every day must be clean and hygienic, too.

Servizi Italia supports both public and private healthcare facilities by providing the washing and hiring of:

Lavanolo Sanità - Biancheria piana e antipulviscolo

flat linen (sheets, pillowcases, mattress protectors and blankets), non-sterile antimicrobial fabrics for operating teams and linen for various uses

Lavanolo Sanità - Materasseria

anti-bedsore mattresses to prevent and treat pressure ulcers (static, dynamic and pressure relief mattresses)

Lavanolo Sanità - Biancheria confezionata

packaged clothing (gowns and uniforms), that is all the items worn in the various departments by hospital staff (doctors, nurses, UAP and healthcare workers) and patients

Lavanolo Sanità - Materasseria

X-ray personal protective equipment (gowns and aprons) used by medical staff to protect themselves against the radiation released by medical devices

Logistics and traceability: the key points of an efficient wash-hire service

Wash-hire services for hospital and healthcare facilities are essential for protecting people’s health.

Managing, sanitising, providing routine and unscheduled maintenance of linen, mattresses, uniforms and PPE are all activities that require care and attention to detail in every phase and must be integrated by a logistics and traceability system where nothing is left to chance thanks to technological innovation, specialist knowledge and a high level of automation.

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The logistics of wash-hire services for hospitals

La logistica del lavanolo ospedaliero: ritirare, lavare, stirare, riconsegnare

Collecting. Washing. Ironing. Delivering.
All the phases of the wash-hire service have precise deadlines that need to be met.

When patients are hospitalised they should find a bed which has been sanitised and is ready for them; every day of the week medical staff and healthcare workers should be able to quickly get hold of and wear clean gowns and PPE: this is why logistics play a key role in ensuring an efficient and timely service.

At Servizi Italia we believe that managing wash-hire services for a hospital means handling

  • the collection of soiled items from the hospital facilities
  • delivery of the items to the relevant repair and laundry service facility
  • the return of the sanitised items back to the hospital storeroom

Inside hospital storerooms Servizi Italia also provides solutions for:

  • keeping stock of linen
  • providing kits for medical staff (taking sizes, identifying uniforms, and delivering them to the various hospital wards)
  • automatic distribution of workwear

All cabinets and distribution systems have barcode-reading technology which enables users to easily and correctly use the service as well as obtain a report updated on a daily basis.

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Traceability of linen

Everything that is traceable can be easily found: this is the guiding principle of the traceability system with which Servizi Italia identifies the textiles provided by the wash-hire service.

Each item is identified unequivocally thanks to a passive RFID tag and/or a bar code which communicates with a dedicated management software.

This system optimises the exchange of information between the hospital and the laundering facility and, as a result, enables users to:

  • better monitor the level of hygiene of items and reduce the risk of infection;
  • deliver any item of linen required by medical staff in a timely manner according to the ward they are in and their role;
  • trace the life cycle of each item (from its entry into the facility until it is disposed of when it is worn out), monitoring how much it is used, planning its use and reducing the costs of replacing lost items;
  • invest more time and resources in the care of patients.

Collecting soiled items from the hospital

Ironing and folding

Delivering them to the repair and laundry service facility

Washing and disinfection


Sorting and dividing by type of textile

Supply of linen to staff

Delivering to the hospital storeroom


The production cycle

  1. Collecting soiled items from the hospital
  2. Delivering them to the repair and laundry service facility
  3. Washing and disinfection
  4. Drying
  5. Sorting and dividing by type of textile
  6. Ironing and folding
  7. Packaging
  8. Delivering to the hospital storeroom
  9. Supply of linen to staff

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